Motion Design
Graphic Design
Motion Graphics and Animation
Hub City Ford Mograph Spot
Hub City Ford Motion Design
Various Screen Graphics
n2y Infographics
Entery Map Overlay Project
UL Basketball Video Graphics
BlackHawk FUI Experiment Piece
Physical Fitness Spot
Iberia Bank Timeline Video
LA Lottery Frenzy Spot
BlackHawk Datacom Graphic Overlay
n2y Symbol Stix Pledge of Alliegance
Mistras Group Location Map
LA Lottery Multiplier Spot
Live Action and Set Work
LRMC Pediatrics Spot
LRMC Surgery Spot
She'll be Dead by Morning
LA Lottery Lucky Sevens
Temperature Pro Summer Spot
NCMC Surgery Spot
MIIGS Varicose Veins Spot
MIIGS Peripheral Vascular Disease
2016 Ford 150 Spot
Story Boarding Work
LRMC Story Board
SAC Story-Board
NRMC Story-Board
Graphic Design
Cook Book Interior Design
Vidox 35th Anniversary Print Ad
Vidox Print Design
Brian McKernan web design
LA Lottery Multiplier Spot
BlackHawk Datacom Rebranding
Predator Supressors Packaging Design
The Firewatch Initiative web design
Cajun Confectionaries Packaging Design
Lamar Out of Home Advertising
BRZoom Point of Sale Mockups -
Student Health Alliance -
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La La Fest Poster Design
Vidox Christmas Card
Vidox 35th Anniversary Ad
Fantasy Illustration
Range 15 Poster Design
Prototype / Mockups - BRZoom
Packaging Illustration - BRZoom
LRMC Story Board
Othello Poster Design
Poster Design - Solar Power
Othello Keyframe Illustrations
LSU Basketball 2015-2016 Poster Design
SAC Story-Board
The Revenger's Tragedy Poster Design
The Spanish Tragedy Poster Design
Packaging Illustration - Candy Box Cookies
NRMC Story-Board
The Alchemist Poster Design
The Duchess of Malfi Poster Design
Tamburaine Poster Design
Baron Samedi Poster Design
Starship Troopers Poster Design
Cyberpunk Poster Design
CD Cover Design - This day in History
CD Cover Design - Synchronize
CD Cover Design - My Fellow Americans
Dieselpunk Comic Pages
Asset Design - War Dog Ranch
Dante's Inferno Illustration - Dis
Dante's Inferno Illustration - Gluttony
Dante's Inferno Illustration - Furies
Dante's Inferno Illustration - Minos
Dante's Inferno Illustration - Satan
Macbeth Comic Pages
Poster Design - Borealis
Poster Design - Addiction
Book Cover Illustration - Art of Post Modern Rock
Book Cover Illustration - Art of Post Modern Rock
Post Card Illustration - Galapagos Islands
Poster Design - Big
Poster Design - Utah Travel Poster
Fantasy Comic Pages
Poster Design - Ignite Retreat
CD Cover Design -
CD Cover Design -
Super-Heroine Comic Pages
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